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Mustards and Sweet / Spicy Sauces

A bit of history

Like many Italian preserves, the history of Mostarda (from the Latin mustus ardens, burning must) starts in ancient Rome, when large quantities of perishable foods like meat, fish, fruit and vegetables that do not they could be consumed immediately they had to be kept in good condition for medium-long periods.

It is a product based on fruit, sugar and mustard essence that is generally accompanied by savory preparations and cheeses because the presence of this aroma gives a very strong and distinctly spicy taste, contrasted by sugar and enhanced by the knowledge of fruit used.

The ancient recipe, handed down from generation to generation, has come to us through the pharmacists, who prepared it by hand.

Quinces are used in Vicenza to produce Mustard. This fruit was also used to perfume the linen. The plant, in the Venetian fields, was planted on the sides of the properties to divide the land boundaries.

The fruit was not consumed like other fruits because it was unripe and “tied” in the mouth, so they made it good by adding must and honey, then boiling it with water and mustard seeds.

From here, the MOSTARDA VICENTINA . was born